Learn to Fish

“Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Up-Close Outfitters is dedicated to teaching and sharpening your skills in the art of fly fishing.”  Capt. Frank

Fly fishing is relaxing, fun, and very efficient.  You Can fly fish anywhere!  Streams, lakes, rivers and even the ocean are all good places to start casting.  Here is western NC we have an abundance of rivers and streams to wet a line.  If you have never tried fly fishing then let today be a good time to start!

Our professional team of fly fishing guides, at Up-Close Outfitters, are on the streams and rivers almost every day of the year.  We teach beginners, who have never even picked up a fly rod, to the experts looking to fine tune their role cast or double haul.

Top Fly Fishing Tips:

Give it a try:  You never know if you like something till you try it.

Match the Hatch:  Trout fish where the fish are feeding and you will catch more fish.  This means the same area, depth, lure color, and size of bait.

Hunt them:  Sneaking up on Trout is of the up most importance.  If you see them they probably see you.  Wear dark cloths, plan you route and cast, and only cast when everything is perfect.

Look Natural:  Correct drifts are critical.  A lure pulling through the water will never catch trout.  Long leaders and current planning will help.

Up Close Fly Fishing