Broad River

Broad River Smallmouth

At just over an hour’s drive from Hendersonville, the Broad River is the only river we fish solely for Smallmouth Bass.  Winding out of the Blue Ridge Mountains into South Carolina, the Broad River offers sensational smallmouth fishing with very little fishing pressure.  This fishery is revered as the best Smallmouth fishing river North Carolina has to offer.

With our professional oarsman guiding your boat, you will be able to cast precisely to fast water holes where Smallmouths, commonly reside.  Armed with both fly and casting gear, you have the option to learn the art of smallmouth fishing in several different ways.  Based on river conditions, your guide can direct you to the upper portions in North Carolina or south towards Columbia, SC, depending on which section is best for your day.

In some places, we can stop the boat and fish moving water by wading to the many islands and gravel bars within the river.  These are also great locations to have a relaxing first-class lunch provided by the outfitter.   Whether you are a fly fisherman or an open face bait caster, you will find that these fish can really fight, especially when they tear off line heading down river in the fast moving current.

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